5 Questions with Hollywood star Eric Roberts

There is scarcely a demographic on the Western contemporary filmscape who would be unfamiliar with the visage of Eric Roberts. To many, he is the actor who brought to life characters from King of the Gypsies (1978), The Dark Knight (2008), The Expendables (2010). Roberts has also appeared in television shows like The Young and The Restless, Suits, and even voiced 'Dark Danny' in the cartoon series, Danny Phantom. For those less familiar with film and television, Roberts is also a popular face in the music world. Fans will recognise the established actor from music videos for Mariah Carey's hit single, We Belong Together, Ja Rule's Down 4 U, Akon's Smack Dat, The Killers' Mr Brightside and Rihanna's B**** Better Have My Money.

Roberts visited the island this week, in support of his latest project called, So Enticing. The film will be directed by Joshua Coates, who expects to begin production on the island as early as June 2018.

1. Have you ever visited Jamaica before?

"I have never seen Jamaica before. I've seen lots of islands. I've seen the hotel room, and you.

I don't wanna irritate anybody and say I spend a lot of time in Barbados 'that's not Jamaica!' I know, I know. I spend a lot of time in St Kitts and Nevis not Jamaica! I know! But I love hot weather and I love kindness and you guys have lots of both."

2. How familiar are you with reggae music?

"All I know with reggae music is, of course, Bob Marley. That's where I stop and start."

3. What are some of your favourite movies, that you've made?

"I've got about 12 favourite movies. King of the Gypsies, Best of the Best, Star 80, The Pope of Greenwich Village, It's My Party, Love Is A Gun - those are six."

4. What's it like to always be on the road working, and what does it make being at home feel like?

"Staying home becomes your vacations. It's like 'oh I'm home!' and you're with the animals and in the wildlife. And you eat the same-old food with the same old vistas. We have lots of animals - horses, sheep, cats and dogs."

5. What's the difference between making a TV show and making a film?

"It's no different these days. It used to be different in that the time allowed for it, and the budget. Now, it's all the same, because everybody can afford a camera, and it's all HD."

Bonus: What advice can you give to Hollywood aspirants trying to break into an industry, with its doors wide-open?

"I've already given the best advice possible. Treat everybody like they're gonna be your boss next week, because they could be. They really could be. It's not a joke. It's serious. They could be your boss next week, so act like it. Treat everybody with respect and common courtesy."

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