Banger over smartphone - Peter Metro records humorous cell phone comparison

In the era of the smartphone, the cellular phone, which cannot go online, is dismissed as the banger. But while the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and other high-end models are prized, in his humorous way, deejay Peter Metro has recorded high praises for the banger phone, while pointing out the smartphone's pitfalls.

The new recording, named Banger Phone, also reflects Peter Metro's connection with much younger persons in the business of music. It was recorded on the Quick riddim, for which Cuban does the title song and the final product was done at Prince Villa's studio on Red Hills Road, St Andrew.

"The engineer does mastering as well," Peter Metro said. "We know the quality the engineer (Prince Villa) have in terms of mixing songs, because we listen to the songs that he already mix and out there. And we want him to mix it."

Metro said, "Currently, Banger Phone is getting some rotation on the radio, although it nuh buss inna the dancehall yet." Still, he says that airplay is what gets songs popular, because "when a million people hear it on the radio, maybe 10,000 people hear it in the dance".

The humorous observations about the smartphone's pitfalls constitute the verses, while the compliments to the banger are in the chorus. It starts with a conversation between the entertainer and a woman, Metro asking, "Babes, how yuh nuh link Mr?" She replies, "Suh mi nah call yuh pon WhatsApp", to which Metro replies "Mi nuh tell yuh jus' call mi straight". There is a reason for his choice, as his phone is a banger and "mi cyaa tek diss gadget ting weh yuh a talk bout".

Declaring his love for the banger phone, Metro says it is "not a scammer phone".

As for the more sophisticated handsets, he deejays:

"Yu see de Samsung, dem call Galaxy

A it sen Kartel a penitentiary

You se de Nokia, de Blackberry

it dem use track Captain Barkey

Yu see de Huawei, de LG

Lisa Hype ..."

Then there are the good points for the banger, which 'tough like a rock/a no Bluetoot an naa no WhatsApp/It no ha no camera front it no have no camera a back/No tracking device dat mean it naa track/If it drop outta yu han' de screen na go crack/ ... Dem ya banger phone tough like a rock ...'

Further, he deejays:

'Me no care who a laugh an a kin up dem teet

Mi no waan no hot phone de battery dem weak'

As Metro finishes deejaying Banger Phone, there is laughter inside the studio.

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