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JFJ demands strong action against foul-mouthed cop in viral video

JFJ demands strong action against foul-mouthed cop in viral video

Posted  108 Views updated 11 months ago

Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is calling for strong action to be taken against a policeman who was reportedly seen in a viral video issuing death threats against civilians in an expletive-laced tirade.

Both the police and the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) have launched separate probes into the incident. 

The cop, who is attached to the Kingston Central police, has since been removed from frontline duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

In a press release today, JFJ said if the contents of the video are true, at a minimum, there were flagrant breaches of numerous force orders, including the Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) Public Interaction Policy. 

“At its worst, it is a vulgar, barefaced oral assertion that a serving member of the JCF is prepared to engage in extrajudicial killings whilst breaching existing laws which prohibit the use of profanity. We must remember that improper police action, unprofessional conduct, and excessive force are the main reasons for some citizens' mistrust of the JCF”, JFJ said in the release. 

The human rights group said further, “It is always an attack on decency and law and order whenever a few individual police officers act in a manner inconsistent with the core of the JCF by, for example, using expletives to address citizens or use of homophobic pejoratives as seen in the video.” 


JFJ is calling on the JCF to publicly state whether: 

1. The activity displayed in the video was determined to be a conjecture or genuine? 

2. The person displayed in the video is still a serving (unsuspended) member of the JCF? 

3. The 'investigation' will be completed in a timely manner? 

4. The 'investigation' will seek to determine whether criminal charges should be laid against the person captured on the video? 

5. The offending police officer will continue, without interdiction, in the force until this investigation is completed by the unnamed investigatory unit? 

The policeman, along with other members of a police party, was recorded by a resident making an arrest in Central Kingston. 

In the 30-second amateur video, the officer in question can be heard saying, “…I want catch one a unuh wid no #$#dcl@@ gun and see if mi nuh kill unuh in front a camera.” 

After being told by a resident that he was on record, the officer continued, “mi nuh fraid fi talk, b*#& boy, mi nuh fraid fi talk, s*@# yuh mada.” 


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