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Pamputtae only female artiste on ‘Fire in the Booth’ J’can edition

‘Fire in the Booth’ J’can edition

Posted  71 Views updated 7 months ago

The year 2021 was one of strides for Pamputtae and it culminated with her being featured on British DJ Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth (FITB) freestyle show.

The episode, which unfolds as Jamaican cypher, will air on February 15 on Apple Music.

“A friend of mine called me and told me about it and said I’d fit right in,” Pamputtae told The Gleaner. “When mi go deh and perform, Charlie seh, ‘Yuh voice bad! Yuh have a really unique voice, I love it’. There [were] a lot of men there and I was the only female and mi stand out and tek it to them.”

FITB is a global freestyle platform which first popularised as a segment on BBC 1Xtra with names like Drake, Migos, Pop Smoke, Megan Thee Stallion and Stormzy. Now on Apple Music, the show rolled out its Jamaican edition on January 4 with a freestyle session with Teejay. Sean Paul, Daddy 1, Zebee, Skillibeng and Runkus will have individual freestyle sessions before the season finishes with the cypher featuring Pamputtae, Jahshii, Fyah Roiall, Qrush, Laa Lee Zinthos, Blizzi, Kant10t, F.S and Dreadful.

The FITB platform is known to attract wider audiences to featured talent, something Pamputtae capitalised on throughout 2021. The Single Mother singjay joined TikTok and has been creating a buzz with motivational videos, some injected with humour and theatrics.

“Mi thing dem loud pon TikTok right now,” Pampttae, who has more than 40,000 TikTok followers, said. “Everybody status weh mi go pon, most of the times when dem feel down and stressed, a my TikTok dem go to. Even the younger generation a log on to mi thing, cause dem deh pon TikTok now. I post different things on there but a mostly positive energy mi really push and stuff to uplift your spirit. Sometimes people just need a little advice or encouragement. Sometimes when mi put up my videos, people tell me that it’s like I made the video for them and they love everything that I’m saying.”

She’s also still getting followers from the Nicki Minaj endorsement she received in September. Pamputtae said the audience boost over the past year comes after years of being criticised for a catalogue which includes slack music.

“Sometimes when yuh a kill up yourself, God has something better in store for you and when you least expect it, it happens,” she said. “Just like out of the blue you see Nicki Minaj rate Pamputtae and nuff people never see that coming. When Nicki Minaj seh she rate Pamputtae, mi see mi get a lot of followers from some people weh mi know long time weh nah support me and never follow mi, but as I always say, some of them nah go rate yuh until dem see who dem rate, rate yuh.”

She entered 2022 with her music video for the song Show Dem Love and hopes people will continue to show her love on her previous and upcoming releases.

“Mi nuh really get the support weh mi fi get so mi just waan people support Pamputtae music on all digital platforms, support the single mother. Mi need a whole heap a support inna music.”


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