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Pastor Courtney Morrison waving the flag of hope

Pastor Courtney Morrison waving the flag of hope

Posted  110 Views updated 11 months ago

As the new year dawns, several churches are seeking to reiterate a message on the hope that comes with new beginnings.

The Word, though true, may however prove slippery among the many believers who have had their faith severely tested over the past months and continue to grapple with the seemingly prevailing impact of coronavirus and the relentless news of deaths and criminal activities which cloud their surroundings.

Nevertheless, the senior pastor of the Fellowship Tabernacle in Portmore, Courtney Morrison, continues to wave the flag of hope.

“With the advent of COVID-19, not only Jamaicans but internationally, we have seen an unprecedented situation whereby the reliability of science and technology seems to be a little short on finding a true formula, and so even those who are outside of the faith are not certain what to hold on to. Yet, for 2022, we are looking at a brighter future,” he said.

Referencing the popular scripture of Romans 5, Morrison maintained that there is no shame in hope.

“…We are battling a twofold pandemic, one of crime and the virus itself. Yet we know that, as human beings, God made us the greatest on the earth. Therefore, my message of hope to persons who are feeling as if we’re powerless or falling away, is that God made us overcomers, resilient, and persons who will persevere. One of the things we love to say to our congregation is that this, too, shall pass,” Morrison said, adding that humanity has survived much before now and will continue to do so.

The servant of God told Family and Religion that he will continue to speak hope where there is hopelessness, life where there is despair, and success where there is failure.

Continuing, he said, “It’s not just a declare-and-decree mentality, but one of instilling in persons that the God who created this universe is going to be the One that sees us through to the end. So my message of hope to those who are falling away, not seeing God and are asking ‘where is God?’, just remember that, in our times of difficulty, it is the preserving hand of God that always takes us through.”


Encouraging saints at home and abroad to hold on to their faith, the pastor assured them that there is light ahead.

“A brighter 2022 in spite of all that is happening is what we’re going to see because we have become a resilient people and our faith is in God.

We have been living the past two years in fear of the viruses of COVID, crime and domestic violence. What we need is a vaccine that will cause us to become immune to all that is happening and one sure thing we can say is that, for fear, there is always hope and, for darkness, there is always light. That is the hope for 2022, that the light will shine through the darkness and dispel it and help us to move forward. Jesus is that light and we are coming out the other side bright,” Morrison shared.


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