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Western Park in Clarendon gets free Wi-Fi service

Western Park in Clarendon gets free Wi-Fi service

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Residents of Western Park in Clarendon now have free Internet access courtesy of the Universal Service Fund (USF).

USF chief executive officer, Daniel Dawes, has urged the residents to make the best use of the facility, noting that its establishment forms part of the government's efforts to provide greater Internet access to Jamaicans.

“Anybody that comes into this space, once you have need of the use of the Internet for school purposes, you want to do a bank transaction, you want to pay your light bill, you want to pay your water bill, any activity that requires the use of the Internet, you can come right here, and it will not cost you a dollar,” he said.

Dawes urged residents to protect the facility. “There are hundreds of districts throughout the length of the country that would have wanted (the service). Please, residents of Western Park Clarendon, don't allow anybody to deprive our children. Remember they are the future of this country,” he said.

Mayor of May Pen, Winston Maragh, in his remarks, said the provision of the community access point falls in line with the country's national development plan.

“This is very good, and the USF has been creating access points all over the country for our people to benefit. I would like to thank the Government of Jamaica,” he said.

Councillor for the Denbigh Division, Joel Williams, thanked the USF for the establishment of the facility, noting that hundreds of residents will be utilising the service.

“We want this facility to be used as a tool for furthering educational development. We want it for those youngsters who are living in homes that do not have any Internet connection,” he said.

Community member, Pastor Norman Gentles, said the provision of free Wi-Fi service “is a great move in our community.”

“It will help in building our community. I encourage persons to use it for the betterment of their lives,” he urged.

Persons can connect to the Wi-Fi within 300 feet of the access point.

The facility can accommodate up to 200 persons at any one time.

The Wi-Fi service was launched in the community on Friday, September 16.

- JIS News


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