Soca-singing cab driver hopes to pursue music

Based in the Manor Park area, 53-years-old taxi driver Kenneth George Harris has decided to follow his once latent dream of becoming a recording artiste. With the carnival season around the corner, the career driver hopes to make a memorable debut with bashment soca song, Sweet Soca.

"Mavado seh I muss name 'Soca Dilly'," Harris said with a cheerful laugh. But the choice is to stick to 'Dilly', a nickname he's carried along since high school.

Sweet Soca was recorded last May at a studio near Grosvenor Terrace, a few hundred metres away from Dilly's regular rest-spot by the upper Constant Spring bus park. "I don't even remember the name of the studio, true is a friend set it up," he explained.

Though making his debut in the music industry with soca music, Dilly aligns his big-stage aspirations to the influence of one of his A-list passengers, Mavado.

"Vado ah mi general, nah hide it. Mi real general. Mi used to drive him on a day-to-day basis, so me and him have that likkle bond," he said.

Dilly told The Gleaner that one day he was hired by the Star Bwoy singer for transport to an interview with Winford Williams, and it was then that inspiration struck.

"The reason why mi even seh music... one time me and him go to On Stage. I see Winford ah interview him and I say, one day, one day, mi a guh get an interview somewhere," Dilly mused.

Dilly revealed that he listened to the riddim repeatedly and mentally composed lyrics, which he played over and over in his head for about five months. Then, he hit the booth.

"When I went in the studio, an engineer say, 'so where's the likkle piece ah paper?' Mi seh 'nah man, gwaan bounce the riddim'," Dilly boasted.

Though he has invested the past 15 years into being a taxi driver, Dilly is prepared for the potential success of a singing career.

"If the music push me to the level where me want to go - where mi going try to get the music, I think I going just tek the taxi and sey 'I've had enough of you, I have to move on!'"

Despite his age, he's going to go for it.

"I wouldn't say it's late because yuh never too old fi learn. If you feel like you have the energy and you can do it, just do anything you feel like you can."

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