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Artistes to watch for 2022

Artistes to watch for 2022

Posted  148 Views updated 7 months ago

Each year brings a crop of promising artistes, and 2021 was no different. Here are some artistes to watch for 2022.


10Tik’s Roll Deep is undoubtedly one of the grimiest anthems of 2021, which placed the singjay in circles with big names like DJ Khaled. The former firefighter has attracted fire emojis and more than 13 million views for the music video which gives an inkling of his hardcore style of music. The ‘Gwallaz’ principal has been consistent with tunes like Gangsta and We Nuh Like War, and shows no signs of slowing down for 2022.


After three years of being an underground artiste, D’Yani’s career took flight in 2020 with Heaven Telegram. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that the singer seemed to find his lane with love songs like Feelings (also a remix with Jada Kingdom) and Senorita featuring Maestro Don. Currently on tour in the United Kingdom, the artiste is impressing with shirtless sets and roses for female patrons, causing many to label him “the next Dexta Daps”. In any case, D’Yani is on to something and is one to watch this year.

Nation Boss

Nation Boss believes mankind can be two-faced, and more than 10 million views for his song Humans show that others agree. The singer benefited from the viral nature of social media in March when a video of him singing the song brought him to the spotlight, and his talent and lyrical substance have kept him there. Nation Boss forms part of the wave of new-generation acts who are vulnerable in their music, supported by his follow-ups like Faith and Emotions (featuring Yaksta). His career is surely one to watch for 2022.

Silk Boss

Another anti-mankind tune accounts for the breakout of Montegonian artiste Silk Boss in August. Aptly titled Mankind, the track captures his soured view of people following a slew of bad experiences, and is climbing beyond five million YouTube streams. His follow-up, Life Story, shows lyrical and personal depth and his potential to be a force to be reckoned with in 2022.


Before he became a media spectacle in December, Jahshii’s popularity was rooted in reality tunes about his rags-to-riches story told in songs like 25/8 and Keep Up. Increased interest in the singjay’s surrounds his aesthetic, which includes a champagne bottle in hand, spliff in another, luxury vehicles paraded in garrisons and his controversial statements. Because “small mind cya hold dung big artiste”, Jahshii is expected to keep his momentum in 2022.


It was near impossible to go anywhere in Jamaica last year without hearing Yaksta’s Ambition, and it’s not hard to understand why. The song, nearing 10 million YouTube streams, promotes financial management, generational wealth and principles which were long overlooked by trap dancehall’s Mark X standard of success. The St Mary artiste, who is readying his Late Bloomer EP, blossomed in the stillness of the pandemic and is touted as one new-generation act to take Jamaican music to the next level.


He made his music debut almost three years ago, but it wasn’t until he released Imperfection in June 2021 that 450 got his big break. The track deviates from cliché dancehall lyrics by giving an intimate account of his wrongdoings and flaws. Almost six million YouTube streams later, it’s safe to say the formula worked. He’s followed up with tracks like Journey and, more recently, Purge. With co-signs from acts including Govana and Mavado, the 21-year-old is definitely one to look out for this year.


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