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How prepared are you and your children for back-to-school?

How prepared are you and your children for back-to-school?

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Shantelle McKoy, student:

Well, I’m not really prepared, but with COVID and everything, it’s a new environment for everyone. We have to wear masks and sanitise. We still have to protect ourselves from COVID same way. About teachers migrating and other teachers being adequate, sometimes when dem a teach we something, dem nuh go deep into it, dem just go one step inna it and move on. And some of the other students in class really do not understand it.

Ontaiwne Brown, student:

Yes, I’m prepared to go back to school and get better grades, because with COVID, we kind of slowed down. I don’t have all my supplies, but I have some things. I do have some fears about new teachers being adequate because sometimes when the teacher a teach us, we don’t really understand the topic.

Sashaine Thomas, student:

I’m very prepared, yes, but I’m a bit nervous because it’s my new school year again for a long while and I’m looking forward to seeing a better chance in life, as in pursuing my dreams and continuing school from there. I have some worries about the new teachers, ‘cause when dem new, dem nuh really know ‘bout di school ting, ‘cause you know you have pickney who difficult and hard fi learn. So when you new, it nah go really work like how you plan.

Donette Thorpe, parent:

No, I am not ready for back-to-school. Unfortunately for me, I was not aware of uniforms that my daughter is going to wear for this school term and I bought the wrong uniform, so it kind of set me back. But one can never be ready in terms of finance. However, you have to just deal with it.

Do I think the new teachers would be adequate? With the teaching profession, you get better as time progresses, and, of course, we trust our examining board that these teachers are fit to train new teachers. Nobody is born with immediate experience, so the teachers who are there can mentor them and guide them along the way.

Jennifer Nembhard Campbell, parent:

My son is going back to school in fifth form at Calabar. The school fee isn’t so high this year, as it and last year are the same price. I already sent him to the bank to pay, so it’s not really hard right now, but I’m just trying my best. I just have his uniform left to buy because we don’t really need much, because the books he already wrote up for last year can go over to this year.

Teachers migrating really affect the students, you know, but the teachers want more money for the work that they’re putting out. Some of the pickney dem nuh really have no manners with the teacher dem, so that is a very hectic situation. The new teachers coming have to try and do their best. The students also have to put in effort as well.

Mendel Mitchell, parent:

I’m actually halfway there, ‘cause I got some uniforms, start looking about the books, and mi a prepare dem physically also, start gi dem back some lessons and stuff like that.

We are concerned about the teachers migrating because who’s going to teach the kids if they’re all gone? I think the Government should do something for them, or for us in general. Give them a raise of pay or give them a house, ‘cause some of them move ‘cause they want a better house, a nice car, and fi have something good fi dem family, too … . Give them something affordable.


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